Badische Stuben

The Black Forest and the traditional Baden cuisine
Experience local cuisine
Because it does not always have to be caviar and because the regional cuisine is the cuisine for every day and every appetite, Baden, visit our office: Ortenauer country rooster and Hechtknöpfle, Meatballs and pork shoulder.

In Baden restaurant we focus on regional cuisine with a few "sprinkling" from the Mediterranean region, moderately priced, entrees under 20 euros, small fine appetizers from 7 euros.

Under no circumstances do we compromise on quality:
Basic products and preparation will offer the usual quality, only worked with cheaper cuts of meat and fish.
"For example, we serve a Wiener schnitzel, steak, poultry, a trout or char and our daily menu and our daily plates".

For generations, the "Talmuhle" in our family.
Therefore, the loving hospitality and relaxed atmosphere with us have a long tradition. As well as high standards of quality or the attentive service we offer our guests.


Hotel Talmühle - Restaurant Fallert
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77887 Sasbachwalden

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